Giant weasels, also known as dire weasels, were a species of larger than normal weasels.[1]


Dire weasels had sleek, long bodies up to 10 feet (3 meters) long and could reach a weight of 700 pounds (320 kilograms).[1] Those that dwell in the North were known to have white coats. And rarely, some giant weasels were born with an entirely black coloration.[2]


Giant weasels had a unique agent within their saliva that, when in contact with a creature's open wound, prevented the clotting process in blood and promoted greater bleeding.[2]


Giant weasels were known to be far more vicious than their smaller cousins and were often just as willing to attack humanoid creatures as they were normal prey.[2]


Once a giant weasel had its jaws locked onto a creature it was very reluctant to let go and would suck at their victim's blood. Due to the special agent within their saliva, the amount of bleeding would be excessive.[2]


Unlike their smaller cousins, who were rather solitary creatures, giant weasels typically lived and hunted in packs.[2]


Much like their smaller cousins, giant weasels were often trained and domesticated to be hunting companions or guard animals.[4][2] Kobolds were one of many races known for domesticating giant weasels, but unlike larger races they were known to use them as mounts.[5]

Before the Second Sundering, giant weasel pelts were generally known to sell found around 1,000 to 6,000 gp.[2][4] The white pelts of the northern giant weasel, as well as the pelts of the rare black giant weasel, both typically sold for more.[2]

They were favored animals of the gnomish gods Garl Glittergold and Segojan Earthcaller.[6]




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