Ginnertow was a deep gnome harbormaster of Blingdenstone in 1484 DR.[1]


Ginnertow had been the harbormaster from around 1464 DR, always managing the harbor without big troubles.

Just after the start of the War of the Silver Marches in 1484 DR, however, suddenly the entire harbor froze, killing many sailors and porters. The leaders of Blingdenstone ordered the closing of the harbor and Ginnertow fell into a depression, retreating into the Golden Hills Hearth festhall.

She agreed to lead to the harbor a group of adventurers hired by Axelcrantz. They discovered the culprits behind the freezing were fimbrul devils. They defeating the devils and the harbor opened again.[1]


Ginnertow had greatly enjoyed the trade treaty with Gracklstugh because this meant more goods through her harbor.[1]


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