Giselle Malcomb was a Rider of Nesmé.[1]


Giselle was strong and solidly built. She had long, dark brown hair and gray eyes, and the skin of her face was ruddy from her time spent riding in the wilds.[2]


In 1484 DR, Giselle was meeting with Chieftain Targ Keifer of Griffon's Nest when the Companions of the Hall arrived. Upon seeing Drizzt Do'Urden, she became angry with him, blaming him for the existence of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows and the Darkening. She claimed she had heard the orcs speak of Matron Mother Darthiir Do'Urden.[2]

When the Companions left Griffon's Nest soon after, she trailed them. When Regis approached her, she reached for an arrow to attack him, but he sedated her with sleep poison. She woke inside the Companions' wagon with an injured knee. She was further injured when the group was attacked by orcs, but eventually they all arrived in Nesmé in one piece.[3]

Some weeks later, after the Companions left Nesmé, the city was overtaken by the orcs of Many-Arrows. The surviving 600 inhabitants, including Giselle, were taken captive.[4]




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