The Gith language was the language spoken by all gith, both githyanki and githzerai.[1][3]


Gith had two main dialects and accents: one spoken by the githyanki, and the other by the githzerai.[1]

Writing SystemEdit

Vlaakith tir'su

The tir'su for the word "Vlaakith", githyanki dialect.

The main writing system of the Gith language was called tir'su. It consisted of arranging each word as a circular pattern, also called a tir'su, with each letter constituting a "spoke" of the wheel. Sentences and phrases were formed by connecting several individual tir'su.[1][2]

The two Gith dialects differed not only in the accent, but also in the usage of the writing system. In the githyanki dialect, each word was written clockwise, starting from the top. The githzerai dialect started each word from the bottom, filling the wheel counter-clockwise.[1][2]


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