A glabrezu (pronounced: /ˈglæbrɛzGLÆB-re-zoo[5] or: /glæbˈrizglæb-REE-zoo[5] or: /glɑːˈbritsgla-BREET-soo[6]), also known as a type III demon, was powerful type of tanar'ri demon.[4]


A glabrezu's broad, muscular body was as large as a giant. It had two pairs of arms: the small set was humanoid ending in hands, while the other set was monstrous and ended in a pair of crab-like pincers. Its canine head was horned and it had a muzzle full of sharp teeth. Its skin was in the range of deep russet to pitch black. Its intelligent eyes were violet. A glabrezu stood 9 to 15 feet tall and weighed 5,500 pounds.[3][4]


A glabrezu tempted its victims into ruin by luring them with power or wealth. Their imposing stature radiated authority and control, which they use to sway mortals into accepting their gifts .. . for a price. They used lies and deception to destroy the lives of all whom they meet.[citation needed]
Glabrezu, Evistro and Bar-lgura

A glabrezu (top)

Despite their physical prowess, glabrezus preferred to work behind the scenes, both on the Prime Material Plane and in the Abyss. They rarely led, but rather acted as advisors, chief lieutenants, and spies for more powerful demons. Every glabrezu had an impressive list of grudges, secret agendas, and long-term schemes, some of which took centuries or millennia to come to fruition.[citation needed]

Glabrezus did not offer pleasures of the flesh, but tempted their victims into ruin by luring them with offers of power, wealth, and respect undreamed of by even the most ambitious. They were unable to change, or polymorph, their frightening appearance, so they usually visit mortals in secret. They were most commonly summoned directly by a mortal, such as ambitious human wizards or drow priestesses who hoped to make a bargain. Sometimes they found potential victims on their own, presenting their 'gift' whether or not the recipient wanted it.[citation needed]



A glabrezu in combat with Drizzt Do'Urden.

A glabrezu preferred deception to combat, but it did not hesitate to wade in. It used its magical abilities to confuse its foes and then attacked them with other spells or its claws.[3][2]


A glabrezu was able to cast wish for a mortal once per month. They only did so freely if the wish was something evil.[3]


Around 1385 DR, Pharaun Mizzrym was killed (for the second time) by magical backlash from a glabrezu.[7]

In 14851486 DR, glabrezus were among the demons that wandered the streets of Menzoberranzan and participated in the failed defense of Q'Xorlarrin against the dwarves. In that conflict, a glabrezu slew former king Connerad Brawnanvil.[8][9]

The demon Marilith often traveled with two glabrezu guards.[10]

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Quinix on his throne in the Gate of Iron Fangs.



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