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Glacier snakes were a rare species of snake covered in fur.[1]


Unlike most snakes, glacier snakes were covered in a thick pelt instead of scales. They had sharp fangs arranged as a ring within their mouths. Glacier snakes had a sharp stinger made from bone at the end of their tails.[1]


Glacier snakes attacked their prey with their stinger and fangs.[1]


Glacier snakes were capable of healing quickly from wounds.[1]


Glacier snakes were found in the cold mountains of north Faerûn. Their natural range was along the Spine of the World, as far south as the Cold Vale and High Ice, and as far north as the southern Great Glacier. Monks of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose reported sightings of glacier snakes living on the Glacier of the White Worm.[1]

In the land of Samarach, glacier snakes were a valuable commodity, sough after by wealthy beast collectors and seekers of exotic pets. Caged baby glacier snakes were sold at the illithid black market, hidden in the mountains east of Samargol.[2]


An unknown internal process provided glacier snakes with enough heat to keep them alive in their frigid environments. When cut, a glacier snake's blood left its body as steam instead of a liquid.[1]


The pelt of a glacier snake was very soft. Its softness and rarity made them a sought after material by merchants.[1]



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