A glamer was an incorporeal entity whose existence was attributed to the death of the deity Leira. It was inherently adept at casting illusion magic and in fact enveloped itself in an illusory appearance.[1]


The exact appearance of a glamer was unknown to all as their kind preferred to obscure themselves in illusions. Some said they resembled will-o'-wisps that were enveloped in a thick fog.[1]


A glamer was a capricious being that was just as likely to help an individual as it was to be mocking or cruel. It would just as easily play a game with an individual as it would deceive them into carrying out some plot for its own amusement.[1]

It was not one to place its faith in others and often spoke in a cryptic and befuddling manner.[1]


Due to its nature and origin, a glamer had a myriad of divinatory and illusory spell-like abilities at its disposal. At all times, it could sense magical effects, comprehend arcane texts, and form telepathic bonds with others. It was able to change its appearance at will and form a variety of illusions a number of times each day.[1]


Glamers were almost wholly solitary entities.[1]


The glamers were believed to have been formed in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, when the avatar of Leira was slain by the mortal Cyric. Her divine essence was released from her body and motes of its power traveled to her temples across Faerûn.[1]

In the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, a number of glamers used a spell to completely shroud the Whamite Isles to all, except for Borran Klosk of Turmish. While some faithful Leirans believed this event heralded their goddess' return, others thought it was part of a scheme to exact revenge on Cyric.[1]



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