Glarondar was a fortress of black stone in Aglarond. By the mid–14th century DR, it was surrounded by a small town, and was the childhood home of a Harper agent Brenna Graycloak.[1]


The fortress of Glarondar was located at the southern end of the Watchwall, bordering Yuirwood.[2]


Glarondar was vital to Aglarond's security, especially from Thay and constant fears of invasion. The Simbul knew its importance and made sure to finance the fortress's upkeep and kept its garrisons equipped and supplied.[2]

The material that the fortress was constructed out of was reminiscent of obsidian and appeared to be virtually indestructible.[2]


Glarondar's black rocks were raised from under the Umber Marshes by King Brindor's magic, his wizards, and galeb duhrs sometime before his death in 1128 DR.[2][3]


The fortress had over 3,500 troops stationed there. Circa 1368 DR, that number was the bulk of Aglarond's army.[2]

The town surrounding the fortress reached 1,000 citizens by 1368 DR. Most settled on the western side of the black rock structure, away from the dangers of Umber Marshes. Most civilians of Glarondar worked on supplying and entertaining the garrisoned soldiers. A large chunk of the population was half-elves who lived among humans with few to no conflicts.[4]


Due to the high half-elf population, they often traded with less-civilized half-elves from Yuirwood.[4]




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