Glassteel was a material that was as strong as steel and as transparent as glass.[1]


Glassteel lacked the normal greenish tint of glass,[1] instead gleaming a dullish and almost translucent gray.[2] It was stronger than iron but only half as heavy. Furthermore, it was fully translucent.[1]


It was made with a complex metallurgical and alchemical process that also required extensive knowledge of glass-blowing. This technique was discovered by the sun elves and avariel.[1][3]

Glassteel cost ~100 gp per pound (0.45 kg).[1]


It was mostly used as a construction material in fantastic castles,[1] but also found use in the windows of armored spelljammers, such as hammerships.[4] Some also used it to create weapons and armor, though for most, the cost of doing this was prohibitively expensive, especially when crafting armor. Glassteel armor was much lighter than others of its kind, enabling greater ease of movement.[1]

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