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Glip Inkwell was a naturalist, scholar, and author that lived in the Realms during the early to mid–15th century DR.[1]

Never let it be said that Glipp Inkwell was a quitter!
— Excerpt from one of Glipp's last knownjournal entires.[1]


Glip was an exceptionally knowledgeable and insightful individual that took pride in work and home. Glipp was quite clever as well, managing to survive alone in the wild using only wits bestowed by the gods and resources provided by nature.[1]


The intrepid scholar lived atop an earthmote that floated above the Sword Coast North for nearly three years, writing down his observations about the surrounding natural world. Glipp lived in isolation from others for many months, eventually putting to paper A Treatise on Earth Motes. The treatise detailed the biological differences between various earthmotes depending on a number of factors including size and origin of species, detailing how these populations differed from those on Toril due to cultural insulation and lessened natural predation.[1]

Glipp wrote extensively about the local lizardfolk population, specifically how they changed after the arrival of a new and influential member of their tripe.[1]


Glipp originally traveled to the earthmote circa the Year of the Shalarins Surfacing, 1427 DR, as a member of the pirate crew led by Bartholomew Blackdagger.[note 1] As Blackdagger rose in power and wealth, some of his followers grew disaffected by changing circumstances and revolted, attempting to leave what came to be known as Pirates' Skyhold by means of skyship. The mutiny was quickly and violently put down. Many that revolted were killed while some others fled to the nearby swamp to live out their days alone – Glipp was one such fortunate soul.[1]

Glipp lived alone but not afraid for several years, at least until the Year of Stalking Horrors, 1430 DR, writing in part about the neighboring lizardfolk that laired near his home in the swamp. When the black dragon Garrundar the Vile took hold over the lizardfolk tribe's, Glipp's world changed. The lizardfolk poisoned the water of the swamp and Glipp's home was no longer a safe place to live.[1]

Ever the craft individual, Glipp formed a plan to leave the earthmote – based on written accounts – by somehow safely falling off its edge. Glipp's final fate was unknown.[1]



  1. While it was not explicitly stated that Glipp was a member of the Blackdagger crew that operated from Pirates' Skyhold, journal entries by the scholar suggested as such. The timeline in which Glipp and the pirates dwell within the same earthmote appears to be linked, rather than mere coincidence.


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