Glister was the only human settlement in Thar.[1] It was an important stopover for prospectors seeking wealth in the Galena Mountains.[2]

Trade[edit | edit source]

Due to its remote location in an otherwise desolate land, food and timber were its main imports, which were often traded for raw ores including iron, silver and copper.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Once the capital of the human kingdom of Thar, Glister was established by Beldoran in 1288 DR when the human warrior vanquished the last Tharkul (or ogre king). Unfortunately, the kingdom floundered under the pressure of continued raids by ogres and other non-human creatures, and was finally overwhelmed in 1303 DR. Although the kingdom of Thar perished, the town of Glister survived and became a powerful force for civilization in the North.[4]

Glister had moved several times during its history, as the permafrost it was built on occasionally warmed and became uninhabitable, while raids by orcs or other hostiles led to its abandonment and reestablishment elsewhere.[5]

In 1352 DR, Zhentil Keep attempted to conquer the town, but were ambushed and driven off by barbarians from The Ride.[4] Under the protection of the archmage Thusk Tharmuil, with the presence of three small temples, the town was flourishing in 1367 DR.[4]

In the late 1470s DR, the town was destroyed by orcs of the Blood Skull tribe.[6]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Founded in the days of Beldoran's rule, the three houses of worship in Glister were the House of Auril's Breath of Auril, the House of Swords of Tempus, and the Hall of Luck of Tymora. Hosting a force of 49 warrior-priests commanded by Ghordrimm Sumbar, the House of Swords was one of the strongest organizations. The House of Swords was a walled abbey residing outside the walls of Glister.[4]

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