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Gloamings were planetouched creatures with heritage from both Toril and the Plane of Shadow.[1]


Gloamings were humanoids typically with pale skin and dark, furry wings, with which they were able to fly. They were lithe but not very strong. Their catlike eyes appeared metallic in low light; in full light, they were typically a color of gray. Their skin glowed with a luminescence that could be controlled. Many gloamings carried tattoos that created interesting patterns on their glowing skin. They were frequently mistaken for tieflings.[1]

Gloamings reached adulthood at age 13 and could live to be a maximum of about 300 years old.[2]


Gloamings were usually curious and traveled compulsively. Although individuals were given names as a child, adult gloamings could choose new names for themselves.[1]


Although settlements were rare due to gloamings' wanderlust, gloaming settlements tended to run contrary to the dominant alignment of the area. They shunned all organized religion.[1]


Gloamings were able to fly and were apt at shadow-based spells. They were also resistant to illusions and psionic attacks. They could sense inactive portals within five feet. They could control the level of their skin's luminescence (from none to bright), but were subject to light blindness.[1]


Gloamings detested drow, sharing legends that told of drow capturing, torturing, and experimenting on gloamings.[1] Illithids did not find gloamings palatable and thus left them alone.[1]


Gloamings were uncommon in the Underdark but almost never seen on the surface.[1] A few gloaming settlements existed, such as the large city of Sphur Upra, which straddled the boundary of the Prime Material Plane and the Plane of Shadow.[3]