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Gloomwrought was a city in the Shadowfell.[3]


The ruler of Gloomwrought was Prince Rolan, a human nobleman. Other merchant nobles held power in the city but they cared little for the city itself, only themselves. Hidden organizations also wielded some influence and it was unknown whether the mysterious Keepers held any temporal power or not.[2]

Places of Interest[]

Draygo's Manse[]

Draygo Quick maintained a home in a compound here where he imprisoned Drizzt Do'Urden for quite some time and petrified Dahlia Sin'felle and Artemis Entreri. The prisoners were rescued when the compound was assaulted by Bregan D'aerthe at the bequest of Jarlaxle.[1] In 1469 DR, Draygo Quick was continuing to work with Bregan D'aerthe; Kimmuriel Oblodra agreed to share information he gathered from working with the illithids in return for forgiveness for his assault on Quick's home.[4]