Glorganna was a cruel, albeit loyal priestess of Bane during the mid-to-late 14th century DR. Her worship of the Black Lord consumed her life, and her career within his church was her foremost concern.[1]


She was a tall and quite attractive woman, though despite her allure, had no interest in personal relationships. Glorganna was known for being both notably ambitious, but also quite paranoid.[1]


Glorganna had gained some rank within the Church of Bane, having risen to the rank of Vigilant Talon while commanding several other loyal Banite priests. She was also known to be fiercely loyal to Fzoul Chembryl. This allegiance led to rumors of an affair between the two. Observers speculated that a quarrel between the two alleged lovers led to her, much-maligned, assignment as slave overseer in the logging camp of Snowmantle.[1]

In reality, she was stationed there due to her personal hatred of nature, along with her natural affinity for personal manipulation and control. Although she at first resented the post, an opportunity for her to exercise her skill in subjugation arose when some foresters, and their Border Forest companions, began to fight back against the Zhentilar forces. She put down the brief rebellion, slew the dissidents, and razed their homes to the ground.[1]


Prior to her faith in, and devotion to, the god Bane, Glorganna was a devout follower of Loviatar. As such she became somewhat experienced with means of torture.[1]


Among her belongings, Glorganna wore +1 chainmail and carried a magical +1 sickle. She also carried several vials of contact poison, which she often used to coat her weapon's blade. Depending on the victim, it could paralyze them for a matter of moments, or stop their heart from beating entirely.[1]



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