Gloves of missile snaring, also known as gloves of arrow snaring, were magical gloves that allowed their wearer to attenuate the impact of projectiles, or even to catch them mid-flight.[1][2]


Gloves of missile snaring were snug and seemed to meld with the hands of their wearer once put on, becoming almost invisible.[1][2]


The wearer of a pair of gloves of missile snaring was empowered with quick reflexes to deflect projectiles from ranged weapons, such as arrows or darts, considerably reducing the damage dealt by them, or even negating it completely. In the latter case, the wearer could choose to grab a sufficiently small projectile mid-air.[1][2]

They were only effective if both gloves were worn and if the wearer had at least one free hand with which to catch the projectile.[1][2]



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