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Glyptodons were an ancient ancestor of sloths and armadillos that superficially resembled the ankylosaurus.[2][1]


These large quadruped herbivores had short snouts, powerful jaws, and a dome-shaped body that was plated with a thick bony shell of armor. Trailing behind their bodies was a long tail that ended in a heavy club of bone set with spikes, similar to a morning star.[2][1]


While described by some as peaceful, glyptodons were known to act hostile towards other grazers and would try to chase them off. They were known to be especially hostile towards horses and musk-ox.[1]


Their thick armor of leathery bands and heavy knobbed tail made the glyptodon a formidable adversary, capable of fending off most smaller predators. When provoked a glyptodon's first response would typically be to trample their enemy. When younger members were in close proximity of a threat, a group of glyptodons would maneuver around them to create a defensive perimeter.[1]


Glyptodons were often prey to larger and more intelligent predators such as saber-toothed tigers, dire lions, dragons, and humans.[1]

It was possible to train glyptodons for use as mounts or pack animals. Such a thing was often done by goblinoids and orcs.[1]


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