Gnoll Pass was a mountain pass through the Storm Horns, a part of a trade route,[4] and a major coal producer for the city of Arabel in Cormyr.[3][2]


Gnoll Pass ran through the Storm Horns and neighboring Helmlands.[1] Castle Crag was located on the southeastern side of the pass, and Castle Kilgrave on the northeastern side.[5] The Stonelands lay between Gnoll Pass and Tilverton.[6]


The area of Gnoll Pass was most well known for its coal mines.[3][2]

Gnoll Pass was also a strategic chokepoint that separated the Helmlands from Cormyr. It was guarded against the invaders from Helmlands by the defensive outpost of Castle Crag.[5][4]

Gnoll Pass was one of the major Cormyrian trade routes along with High Horn and Wheloon.[4]





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