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The Gnollwatch Mountains were a medium small mountain range that ran east to west through Dambrath for approximately 700 miles and eventually declined and became the Hills of the Dead Kings in the east. [1]

Geographical Features[]

The Gnollwatches were not impressive peaks because of the Muaraghal Mountains to the west but had several moderate peaks over 9000 feet. Mount Hazail was the tallest peak at 11,500 feet. The mountains were not particularly sharp, as the peaks had worn down with the passage of time.[1]


The mountains got snow during the winter months of the year. Below the timberline the mountains were covered with Shadowtop, Suthwood, Pine and patches of mountain meadows.[1]

The mountains also had rich deposits of silver which were actively mined every year.[1]


As per their namesake, the mountains were home to numerous tribes of gnolls living there. Some tribes were belligerent but many maintained trade relations with Dambrath. One leader, Grubash Blacksnout had disciplined the tribes into cohesive units and maintained territories with organized hunts.[1]

There were a small number of hill giants on the high peaks and they infrequently left the mountains to hunt horses. There was also a small family of storm giants living near the highest peaks in isolation. The patriarch, Abinor Lashingwind, used his considerable talent to warn off intruders.[1]

Deep beneath the mountains was the drow city of T'lindhet. The drow had a friendly trading relationship with the Crinti of Dambrath and there were several roads into the Underdark leading to drow city. The main road lead out of the Gnollpeaks south to Herath. [1]