Gnome artificer is a prestige class whose members are artisans and craftspeople who explore what technologies are available to the people of Faerûn,[1] specifically by creating devices that attempt to reproduce the effects of various arcane spells.[2] While often being competitive with one another, artificers also tend to share information and work with one another on various projects. If not working on their own or in small teams, artificers can often be found as advisors to massive engineering endeavours such as in the construction of bridges and the like.[1]

While most artificers tend to be gnomes, there are few select humans from Lantan who, while having the same skills as gnome artificers, refer to themselves as Lantanese Artificers.[1]


Artificer Item
The is the predominant ability that allows artifcers to create wondrous devices[1] that attempt to recreate the effect of certain arcane spells.[2]
Experienced artificers are able to disassemble old and used devices and salvage their parts in future projects. This signifigantly reduces the cost of creating the new device.[3]
Eventually artificers begin to experiment and occasionally go beyond their abilities. When an artificer works on a prototype device the outcome is not always known and not always pleasent to it's user.[3]


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