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Goats were common herd animals.


Goats were peaceful animals but attacked if cornered. They usually attacked by charging.[2]


In Zakhara, goats were one of the most common domesticated herd animals, with some human clans claiming herds of thousands of individual goats.[3] Nomadic Jann tribes herded goats,[4] and some ogre giant clans as well.[5] Herds could be found among the many islands of Zakhara, usually tended by reef giants.[6]

In eastern Calimshan, goats and sheep were the only herd animals hardy enough to survive in the harsh environment.[7] In the eastern and southeastern foothill fringes of Anauroch, goats and sheep were likewise herded by the D'tarig.[8]

Several settlements on Yggdrasil kept goat herds.[9]


Female goats were called does, male goats were called bucks, and juvenile goats were called kids. They lived in herds of up to two bucks and a dozen does, and twice as many kids.[2]


Goats provided milk, which could be turned into goat cheese.[10] Vilksmaarg was a pungent and salty type of goat cheese made in Vilkstead and was popular in taverns along the Sword Coast.[11] Kragh is an alcoholic beverage made by cyclopskin. It is made from fermented goat's or sheep's milk.[12] The skin of a goat could be fashioned into a handy drinking vessel.[13] Goat hair could be shorn to make wool. In Zakhara, it was common practice to blend the hair from a camel and a goat while making wool.[14]

Goat's meat was referred to as chevon and often was simply cooked as steaks over a campfire, seasoned with roadside herbs and pepper. Single serving of chevon was valued at three gold coins.[15]

In Kara-Tur, a goat was worth up to 5 tael.[16]

In Neverwinter, goat meat was one of the many common fillings used in savory pies.[17]


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