The Goblin War occurred from 1370 DR to 1371 DR. The war started when Nalavarauthatoryl, (an elf-dragon) massed an army of Orcs, Grodd goblins, the seven Ghazneths and other monsters to attack the country of Cormyr. Interestingly, although the war is refered to as the Goblin Wars, goblins only made up a fraction of the army, most of the fighting being done by the Orcs.

Notable EventsEdit

Towns and CitiesEdit

Damaged by fire and retaken by the Purple Dragons
Around 20% of the 50+ buildings ruined, but held out due the actions of Tessaril Winter
All but two buildings were destroyed during the sacking of the town.
Most were evacuated, but a number of the inhabitants have returned.



1370 DREdit

Nalavarauthatoryl and her army invade Cormyr from the Storm Horns.
Redspring sacked.
Tyrluk sacked and burnt.
The main army, lead by Nalavarauthatoryl pushes south.
The orcs that sacked Tyrluk are stopped.
Arabel is sieged. Azoun IV sends a force of Purple Dragons, known as the Fangs of the Purple Dragon to cover the evacuation of Arabel After Myrmeen Lhal organises the great evacuation of the population, the city surrenders.
Myrmeen Lhal organises the Militia of the North in Eveningstar to combat the enemy.
The Battle of the Walls, results in the destruction of the Fangs of the Purple Dragon.

1371 DREdit


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