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The Goblin Wars were a series of conflicts fought in the North between the goblins of the Valley of Khedrun, the Uthgardt Alliance, and the Covenant in 753 DR.[1][2]



In the Year of Watchful Eyes, 705 DR, the mages of the Covenant began to covertly and magically manipulate the various Uthgardt tribes. By the end of the season, all the tribes stood united and ready to battle the goblinoids of the Savage Frontier,[5][6] in what would be known as the Uthgardt Alliance.[1][7]

These Uthgardt were tasked, in the Year of Hungry Jaws, 715 DR, with hunting down and killing as many orc chieftains as possible. Twenty were eliminated over the next five years, preventing the formation of a horde.[8]


Then, in the Year of Strife, 753 DR, a horde of goblins burst out of the Valley of Khedrun in the Spine of the World mountains and marched southward. They quickly overcame the defenders of Mirabar and looted the city.[1][2] A goblin chieftain named Nethaug raided the tomb of Prince Ereskas Torlath, founder of Mirabar, and stole the sword Namarra.[3][4]

Several of the Uthgardt tribes fought the goblins fiercely and relentlessly, facing them day and night for almost all season. Their efforts reduced the goblins' numbers significantly.[2]

Finally, the Covenant led the people of the Dessarin Valley against the goblins and wiped them out.[1][2]


Following the battle, goblins were rendered nearly extinct in the North. However, Nethaug, with Namarra in hand, and others escaped back into the Spine of the World, into a ravine so remote that they would hold it securely well into the 14th century DR.[3][4]

After the Goblin Wars, the Uthgardt Alliance battled another army of goblins and orcs led by ogres that marched out of the Evermoors in the Year of the Bloody Stone, 775 DR. The loss of the Uthgardt warriors and the suffering of the tribes, with the Elk tribe almost going extinct, led to the dissolution of the Alliance by 802 DR.[1][7]