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Goblin spiders, also known as earth spiders, were giant evil spiders native to Kara-Tur.[3]


A goblin spider resembled a regular tarantula, just on a more massive scale. Other than its size, its main distinguishing feature was its eyes. They had a dozen eyes, but unlike a regular spider, these eyes looked like those of a humanoid. Their eyes were arranged symmetrically in four rows, with three eyes per row. Their body was covered in long, coarse fur that was either black or dark green in color, with gold or red stripes.[3]


Goblin spiders were devious and aggressive. They relished the suffering of humans and tried to inflict harm on them whenever possible.[3]


Goblin spiders were intelligent creatures and had the ability to mimic voices and used this skill to lure prey.[2]


Goblin spiders were ambush predators. They waited in the tunnel to their lair for victims, using the vibrations of a passing creature or humanoid to detect their presence. They then jumped out of their tunnel and tried to drag the target into its lair. The goblin spider's primary weapon was its two large mandibles, which it used to grasp and crush prey.[3]


Goblin spiders lived deep in the alpine forests of Kara-Tur. They were very territorial and attacked any trespassers found within their area. They avoided making their layers near human settlements. Goblin spiders, unlike most spiders, did not use webs. They made their lairs underground, at the end of a long tunnel. At the top of this tunnel was a hidden trap door made from branches and forest vegetation.[3]

Beyond the land of Kara-Tur, goblin spiders could be found in the Crowded Sea on the island of Djinni's Claws.[5]


Goblin spiders were solitary creatures.[3] However, occasionally, large groups of goblin spiders congregated in large caves underground to collectively worship their deity, the Earth Spider.[2][3]

A male goblin spider took ten years to reach maturity, at which point it began a search for a female goblin spider. Their mating ritual was uncomplicated and quick, as the female goblin spider would not hesitate to consume a male as prey. After a successful mating, the male goblin spider left as quickly as possible. The female spider laid an egg sac a few weeks later, which contained hundreds of small eggs. Afterwards, the female died. The first half-dozen spiders that hatched consumed the remaining eggs and then left the female's lair in search of an ideal location to make their own layer. After two months, a young goblin spider reached its full size.[3]

Goblin spiders were obligate carnivores and while they would eat any meat, they favored the flesh of a human over all else. A mature and fully grown goblin spider was usually the apex predator in their area. Some goblin spiders developed symbiotic relationships with any giant spiders who lived in their territory. The giant spiders guarded the lair of the goblin spider and in return, the goblin spider shared prey with them.[3]


Goblin spiders were sometimes used by their god the Earth Spider as emissaries on the Prime Material Plane.[3]



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