Goblinoids are a race of closely related humanoids also known as goblins, not to be confused with the particular variety of the same name. It is believed by some scholars that some of the goblinoid races were purposefully bred by the hobgoblin race, who often dominate goblinoid communities.[4] Notable examples of the goblinoid include, but are not limited to, the goblin, bugbear, and hobgoblin.


Goblinoids have a typical humanoid anatomy, though the skin tone and texture is often somewhere between that of a human and that of a snail, with the notable exception of the bugbear, which is covered head to toe in thick fur. Heights vary greatly among different species of goblinoids, ranging from 3 to 7 feet (0.9 to 2.1m). Goblinoid build is usually thick and muscular, and they possess faces that have similar attributes. Their appearance can often be repulsive.


The typical goblinoid is lewd, cruel, sadistic, power-hungry (or in the case of goblins, just plain hungry), extremely lacking in any intelligence or sophistication, and proud of it. Known for their habit of abusing those (at least by their reckoning) lesser than them, and worshiping those greater than them, goblinoids are not popular amongst other races. While exceptions do exist (though none are noted, as an atypical goblinoid rarely makes it out of its clan alive), this description pretty much describes the ethics and existence of goblinoids throughout the Realms.



A group of goblinoids ambushing an adventurer.

Goblinoids rarely get along with themselves better than their enemies, though they have been known to come together under a common cause on occasion. In such situations, hierarchy is usually determined by whoever would win in a fight, and it is not uncommon for them to find out through physical methods. To goblinoid thinking, elves and dwarves are particuarly nasty arch-enemies, humans are things to kill if possible and run from if not, halflings are perfect targets, and drow are creatures to be feared.

Horde of the WastesEdit

The Horde of the Wastes was a large goblinoid horde that destroyed the Kingdom of Phalorm in 615 DR.[5]


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