Goboka was a shaman and chieftain of a tribe of ogres in the Ice Spires West.[2][1]


Goboka was an Ice Spire ogre, a larger, smarter, and smellier subrace of ogre.[1][3] Goboka had brown skin.[4]


While few of his employers fully trusted him, Goboka was in fact completely faithful to any agreements he had negotiated.[2]

Goboka's personal dream was to exceed his grandfather in fame.[2]


Goboka's beautiful throne made of an assortment of bones was located in a chamber with one of the Mist Caves in the Ice Spires West.[2]


Goboka was the grandson of an ogre chieftain who had united all of the ogre tribes of the Ice Spires against the humans and giants of the region. He was highly respected among the ogre tribes of the Ice Spires.[2]

Goboka maintained a working relationship with King Camden of Hartsvale. He also sometimes hired his tribe out to giant tribes.[2]


Goboka and his ogre's performed kidnappings, raids for treasure, and military services.[2]

He had instituted a ceremony among the ogre's of his tribe called the "Six Day Night". During this ritual, an individual ogre would voluntarily be abandoned in a dark and isolated cave with nothing but a small amount of water. If the ogre survived, he or she might be rewarded with a promotion among the tribe. This was seen as a demonstration of loyalty to both Vaprak and Goboka.[2]

Goboka had considered sending messengers to ogre tribes across Faerûn in an attempt to unite them, but he never accomplished this during his lifetime.[2]


Goboka was a follower of both Vaprak the Destroyer, god of ogres, and the Twilight Spirit. In fact, it was the latter being who granted Goboka his shaman powers.[2]


During the War of the Twins in Hartsvale, Goboka sold the services of his tribe to Prince Camden. In exchange, he demanded Camden's firstborn daughter when she came of age.[2][1] Since Camden had no children at the time, and his family strongly favored males, he agreed.[1] In truth, Goboka was under the hire of the Twilight Spirit.[2]

In 1366 DR, when his daughter Princess Brianna came of age, the ogres demanded that Camden fulfill his promise. He at last agreed to allow Brianna to be kidnapped.[1][5]

The firbolg ranger Tavis Burdun eventually tracked Goboka and his ogres and rescued Brianna.[1][5] Goboka was finally beheaded by Brianna before they returned to Castle Hartwick.[6]




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