The God's Grove was a shrine to Silvanus in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


The God's Grove was a stand of duskwood trees that lay just north of the Way of the Manticore, and marked the eastern edge of Wheloon. A nearby cabin was Orlenstar's home. It was a very picturesque location.[2][6]


The God's Grove had a long history in Wheloon, older even than the Wyvern Ferry Route.[8]

By 1358 DR, its caretaker was Orlenstar Thirlthorn,[2] He held the position through 1367 DR[3][4] and 1369 DR.[6] He was still caretaker by 1374 DR.[8]


In addition to the worship of Silvanus, the God's Grove had a variety of uses, and every Whelunian knew where it was. It was a popular spot for picnics and weddings, and children were always welcome to play there. People also took injured and sick animals to Orlenstar for his ministration. Orlenstar also kept a constant store of healing goodberries, as well as his homebrew spruce beer.[2][8]

Although Orlenstar was officially caretaker of the shrine and grove, many Whelunians also pitched in to maintain and beautify the site, since it was so important to them.[8]


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