Gohei p'oh, also known as paper ghosts, were evil spirits created by wu jen in Kara-Tur.[1]


Gohei p'oh looked like a blank sheet of parchment about the size of a book page. It had no writing on its surface, and if anyone tried to write on it, the ink vanished.[1]


Gohei p'oh were most often used to guard an item or a room. Gohei p'oh obeyed any command from the wu jen that created it, including killing a target or fighting to the death. Gohei p'oh could fold themselves into several forms. During the folding process, the gohei p'oh floated in midair and was unable to do anything else until the process was completed.[1]

  • Box: The most lethal form, the gohei p'oh folded itself into a small box. If a target came within 3 feet (0.91 meters) of the box, they were sucked into it and deposited to a random location on the Ethereal Plane. The target was then trapped in this new location unless they had a means to return to the Prime Material Plane or elsewhere. A gohei p'oh also used this ability on itself to escape, by turning the box inside out, basically "swallowing" itself. It was trapped on the Ethereal Plane for a day before it was able to transport itself back to the Prime Material Plane.[1]
  • Dove: This form resembled a small origami of a dove. While in this form, the gohei p'oh was able to flutter about a room, attacking a target by slashing at them with its sharp wingtips.[1]
  • Pinwheel: The gohei p'oh folded itself into a pinwheel shape, which floated in the air. It was able to attack a target with a strong gust of wind from up to 10 feet (3 meters) away.[1]


Gohei p'oh were able to detect any living creature or spirit within 20 feet (6.1 meters), even if invisible.[1]


Gohei p'oh were created by evil wu jen. The wu jen selected a book containing evil knowledge and subjected several pages within to a ceremony that corrupted them. Over six months, the writing on the pages faded until blank, at which point a gohei p'oh was created. A wu jen was able to create up to four gohei p'oh at a time. Gohei p'oh had no sensory organs and did not require food or water.[1]





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