Gold was a pure precious metal that was used in Faerûn as the baseline of most currency.[3] Despite its high value it was fairly commonly found throughout Toril.[4]


Gold was a soft, malleable and exceptionally conductive metal.[4]


Most coins in Faerûn worked off of the silver and gold standard, with copper pieces (cp) being worth 1/100th of a gold piece (gp) and silver pieces (sp) being worth 1/10 of a gp.[3] Electrum coins were worth 1/2 of a gp,[citation needed] and platinum coins were worth 10 gp.[3] Gold coins were usually minted circular, without any holes, an eighth of an inch thick and an inch-and-a-quarter in diameter and weighed approximately 0.3 oz (9 g) each. Any less than that and they were considered by most to be "shaved" and worthless.[citation needed]

The metal was valuable to many artisans for its malleability, its aesthetic qualities,[4] and the fact that it did not tarnish or rust.[citation needed]


Gold was prized by many wizards for its magical properties.[5] If refined and treated with the right magical processes, gold could become as hard as steel and used to forge effective armor and weapons,[6] which could hold a number of enchantments, even those that conflicted one another.[5] While it offered significant protection against fire and acid, the extra weight of golden armor typically made it too cumbersome for all but the most skilled wizards to wear.[6] As such these glimmering suits of armor were typically given as gifts to those who so tends to get sold or given as a gift to those who weren't so much restricted by weighty armors.[citation needed]

Gold was specifically used in the crafting of shoonrings that had multiple magical properties.[7]

Gold was favored by the gods Abbathor, Geb, Hanali Celanil, Thard Harr, Ubtao, and Vergadain and seen as a sign of their blessings.[8]


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