The Gold Dragon Inn was a two-story inn in Amruthar used by Maligor's extensive network of informants circa 1362 DR.[1]


The two-story inn was always crowded and popular. The spacious dining area was lit with candles. The seating furniture was expensive, being padded mahogany chairs.[2]

The inn did not allow centaurs in, no matter how much gold they had.[3] Most of the clients at the Gold Dragon Inn were noticeably from the middle and upper classes, which was evident by their good clothes and shaved heads adorned with intricate designs and tattoos. They were all human with an occasional elf, dwarf, or more exotic-race slave accompanying their master.[2]

Some of the cheapest commonly served food items at the inn were boiled beef, potatoes, and vegetables.[4]


The Gold Dragon Inn was located just off the merchants' district, a few blocks away from the spacious open-air market and slave stocks. Maligor's Tower was visible from the inn's location, overlooking the area outside the city from behind the city walls.[5]


The inn's staff all were humans with shaved heads. One of them was short and stocky, with his head decorated with a symbol of Malar.[2]



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