The Golden Flow, (sometimes spelled Goldenflow,) or the Tail of Semphar, was a river located in southern Semphar.[1][2][3][4]


The Golden Flow originated high in the Raurin Alta and flowed down into Semphar and Gbor Nor, serving as a green belt marking the border between Semphar and the Raurin desert.[1][2][3][4]


Many foolish wizards wasted time and money attempting to separate the "gold" from the water. The waters of the Golden Flow actually appeared golden in color, thanks mineral deposits from the Raurin Alta. The minerals gave the water a metallic flavor.[1]

Humans found the water to taste bitter. Dwarves enjoyed the mineral taste of the water. Elves and other fey'ri who consumed water from the Golden Flow were wracked with pain and ugly rashes. The Caliph of Semphar often used this water to determine if one of his subjects had elven ancestry.[1]



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