The Golden Grove was an unlikely druid grove dedicated to Silvanus within the city of Memnon.

The grove was located in the southeastern sabban of the city. Unlike the rest of Calimshan, the tiny grove had oak trees and shadowtop trees and a tree with golden-colored leaves. This tree produced cones and acorns of pure gold, and its seedlings grew in nearly any climate.[1]

The grove was founded by an Archdruid of Silvanus named Kurush el Nayet. Kurush converted to the faith of Silvanus while adventuring in the north far from his home. Upon returning to Memnon to spread the religion of Silvanus to the urban Calishites, he entered his father's villa, where he found his touch supernaturally changed the sculptures of trees there into real, living plants. The villa became known as the Golden Grove, a holy place of the god Silvanus.[1]


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