The Golden Gulf was a large body of water in southern central Zakhara between the High Desert and the Cities of the Pearl in the west and the League of the Pantheon in the east. To the north it contracted to form Suq Bay, to the south it first narrowed to then open into the Crowded Sea.[1] Huzuz, the City of Delights, was also called the jewel of Suq Bay and the Golden Gulf, sitting at the conjuction of the two.[4]

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Atop the waves, the Golden Gulf was a nexus of sea trade, featuring Zakhara's most important merchant cities along its shores, and with trade routes from the Crowded Sea and the far east passing through it towards the Cities of the Heart and the north.[5][6][3] The waters also provided its neighbors with a wealth of fish, pearls and other products of the sea.[7] Due to its importance, the strong navy of Huzuz kept patrols on the Golden Gulf.[8]

Below the surface, nomadic tribes of locathah and sea elves roamed the area of both the Golden Gulf and the Crowded Sea.[9] A sizable city of sahuagin lay somewhere in the west of the Gulf.[3]


Storms were a common occurence and danger to ships in the Golden Gulf, especially in the central and eastern parts.[3]


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