The Golden Marches was a border duchy in the northeastern highlands of Tethyr. The region was also known as the Upper Highlands.[2]


This duchy was located north of the River Ith, west of the Snowflake and Omlarandin Mountains, south of Amn, and east of the Spellshire and Varyth Counties of the Crown Lands. It contained the counties Valashar, Morninggold, and Hazamarch.[4]


This duchy was under the authority of Lord Royal Chancellor Alaric Hembreon. His official castle was Shelshyr House in County Valashar, but he lived in Darromar at his family's Hembreon House.[2]

Notable LocationsEdit

This large, stone temple was dedicated to Helm and was named in honor of the war hero of Velen, Chevan.[5]
Gorge of the Fallen Idol 
This natural wonder was formed by the power of the River Ith and contains the ruins of an old mammoth idol to the hobgoblin deity Nomog-Geaya.[5]
Mount Noblesse 
This manor—not a mountain—was the headquarters of the Silver Scions.[5]
This dwarven ghost town rested in the Kuldin Peaks.[6]
Survale Ford 
This whole town was dedicated to Helm and served as one of the only safe crossing points of the River Ith.[6]
Tethir Road 
This road passed from Murann in Amn all the way to the city of Alaghon in Turmish.[6]




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