The Golden Oak Inn was a rustic inn found in the Northbank of Silverymoon, on Dancer's Mask Lane. Its striking feature was a large, central atrium that housed a massive oak tree that extended above the roof into the sky. Around the hub of the oak tree were located common seating areas and cozy, individual rooms.[1]


The inn's decor featured fresh air, fragrant herbs, and ferns, all arranged to remind guests of the pleasantness and safety of nature. Lanterns were hung from the branches of the mighty oak to provide warm lighting above its tables.[1]

Its unique architecture allowed for rain to fall through and empty out into the cellar, which would be closed in such an instance. This only added to the ambiance and feeling of natural comfort.[2]


The taproom in the cellar offered drinks to those who entered while the chambers above were available to rent. The prices were steep but the personal chamber services were well worth the coin.[1]

The Golden Oak also served as a temple to one of the nature deities, Shiallia. As such, any patrons who were caught wantonly, or carelessly, destroying any seedlings or harming any young animals while in Silverymoon, or the High Forest, were turned away from its doors.[3]


The Golden Oak was a favored meeting place of druids, rangers and elves. The friendly atmosphere of the bar made it a great place to find entertaining gossip.[1]



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