The Golden Water was a bay located in the center of the Shining Lands.[1]


Climate for the Golden Water Region[2]
Average Temperatures
32 ℉
0 ℃

58 ℉
14 ℃

(Nig 11Ham 20)

70 ℉
21 ℃

(Ham 21Tar 15)

93 ℉
34 ℃

(Tar 16Elei 15)

70 ℉
21 ℃

(Elei 16Nig 10)

Average Rainfall

18 days

(Nig 11–Ham 20)

49 days

(Ham 21–Tar 15)

61 days

(Tar 16–Elei 15)

50 days

(Elei 16–Nig 10)

  • Annual rainfall: 178 days
  • Days with snow on ground: 0

The Golden Water was connected to the Great Sea through a narrow channel on its southern side. It was bordered by the nations of Var the Golden, Durpar, and Ulgarth, serving as part of the border between Durpar and Ulgarth.[1]

Breezes from the Golden Water helped lower the sweltering temperature of the surrounding area by 20 degrees on average, accounting for the high density of cities found along its shores.[3]


The Golden Water was actually responsible for inspiring the name of the Shining Lands. The waters of this bay possessed a high mineral content, literally making them shine in the sunlight. These waters were abundant with fish and other life forms. They also held rich pearl beds and beautiful red and purple coral reefs.[1][3]

Notable LocationsEdit

On the eastern side, the river Xon emptied into Xontuil Bay, also called the Narrow Seas. This bay joined the larger Golden Water.[4][5]

The small island of Dulth lay in the eastern side of the bay, off the coast of Ulgarth.[5]




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