Goldenleaf Stables was a horse breeding stable in Harrowdale and considered by many to be the best throughout the Dalelands, particularly for riding mounts and ladies' palfreys.[1]


Goldenleaf Stables was located on the northwestern edge of town on both sides of Lancegallop Lane.[1]


The stables were large and well-kept.[1]


A typical mount purchased at Goldenleaf Stables cost 125 gp, but the proprietor preferred matching customers with mounts over long periods of training for an extra 50 gp.[1]


The stables were owned by Sheera Goldenleaf. The stables' reputation of excellent training and fine breeding brought wealthy customers from both Cormyr and Sembia. The success of the stables allowed Sheera to sponsor various needy Harran organizations.[1]


Sheera's staff included seven elven horsefolk, all of whom were skilled archers who defended the stables with "elfshot" shafts.[1]



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