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A golemmaster was an elite specialty priest of the Church of Azuth whose work focused primarily on golems.[1]


As their name implied, a golemmaster's life's work was the construction and maintenance of golems. They were also sworn to destroy any rogue golems.[1]


A golemmaster viewed the construction of each golem as a prayer to Azuth. As such, they strove for utter perfection with each of their creations.[1]


Golemmasters were quite artistic. They were able to construct a golem in half the time, and for half of the price, of an ordinary individual once they attained a certain degree of expertise. If a golemmaster had access to the appropriate Manual of golems, then this was further decreased to a quarter of the time and cost.[1]

Given their intimate knowledge of golem construction, these individuals found it much easier to strike and harm golems, regardless of the weapon they used. This included being able to harm golems with nonmagical weapons. A rod of smiting wielded by a golemmaster stood a higher chance of completely destroying a golem when struck.[1]

Berserk golems always selected a golemmaster as their primary target.[1]


These individuals usually wore the common clothes and aprons of artisans and were usually covered in the evidence of their trade, be it stone dust, iron filings, etc.[1]

A golemmaster would wear either leather or studded leather armor during combat. For weaponry they preferred warhammers or staves.[1]


Many believed that golemmasters were touched by a hint of the madness attributed to Azuth.[1]