Gollvelius' Tavern was a tavern in Menzoberranzan in the mid–14th century DR, located to the southwest of the city. It was a retreat for many of the drow.[1]

Here, a band of adventurers from Icewind Dale found Jarlaxle, and they exchanged information. He informed the party that the people captured from their village might be used as fodder in a war between drow houses, in which they would be sent forth to activate the protective glyphs.[1]

On the advice of Rizzen Do'Urden, the companions returned to Gollvelius' Tavern to speak again with Jarlaxle. He made a promise to supply them with the House Do'Urden insignia, in exchange for a golden necklace, found in the Mantle caverns. Jarlaxle didn't fully commit to his promise, but instead revealed to the party that a drow patrol of young nobles carried the insignia in another set of caverns nearby.[1]