Gontal was an isolated kingdom in southwestern Laerakond that had only been settled for less than one hundred years by 1479 DR.[1] It was separated from the rest of the continent by the Elkannath Mountains and the inhabitants of other lands of Laerakond were largely uninformed about the region.[3]


Gontal was ruled by Queen Imreera Hethkantan, who lived in the capital city. The Queen was a hands-off ruler who appeared to be more interested in sending expeditions to the Glaur Barrens than in actively ruling the land. The Twelvefold noble families held a large amount of power and some considered the families to be the true rulers of Gontal, although this wasn't actually true, as the families struggled with one another, while Queen Imreera also thwarted their efforts from the shadows.[1]

Geography Edit

The kingdom of Gontal was situated amid the River Orlaphar's valley, a wild and trackless land.[1][2]


  • Darkturret: A ruined castle built by a family of the Twelvefold in 1429 DR to hide wealth stolen from the other families. The other families attacked and sacked Darkturret leaving it as a haunted ruin.[2]
  • Glaur Barrens: This wasteland was once the location of Glaur, a mighty Dawn Titan citadel. Later, the landscape was a mix of earthmotes, plaguelands, and strange metallic ruins, plagued by the mysterious anaxims. Many adventurers and treasure hunters searched the barrens for precious metals and lost treasures.[2][4]
  • Gontal City: This crowded city of 30,000 was the capital of Gontal.[1]
  • Haelond: An abandoned dwarven mining outpost located in the Elkannath Mountains.[2]
  • Rimlost: A fortress located in Glaur Lake. Those wishing to explore the Glaur Barrens or the lake usually camped here.[2]
  • Szant: This port city was known primarily for its fishing fleet.[2]
  • Velandilmur: This large town was a haven for outcasts and outlaws.[2]


Prior to the Blue Breath of Change, Glaur, a huge metallic fortress erected by the Dawn Titan Nehushta to serve as a central front in the Dawn War, stood in northern Gontal. Although the fortress laid abandoned after the War of Fang and Talon, both dragons and humanoids avoided the area out of fear for thousands of years.[1][5][4]

When the Blue Breath of Change sent Laerakond to Toril, the fortress exploded in a cataclysm as potent as the Tearfall, creating the Glaur Barrens.[5] Not long after, a group of pioneer dragonborn and humans settled the southern area and founded the kingdom of Gontal. As of 1479 DR, agents from both Melabrauth and Skelkor were sent to Gontal to spy for their dragon overlords.[1]

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