Gontal City was a port city and the capital of the kingdom of Gontal, Laerakond.[1]


As of 1479 DR, Gontal City was ruled by Queen Imreera Hethkantan, who was a hands-off ruler who appeared to be more interested in sending expeditions to the Glaur Barrens than in actively ruling the land. The Twelvefold noble families held a large amount of power and some considered the families to be the true rulers of Gontal, although this wasn't actually true.[1]


Gontal City's military were the Tabards, a highly trained military force that answered only to the queen.[1]


Gontal City was the heart of Gontese trade. The Twelvefold families held control of a large number of trade guilds and Gontal City had full control of the Gontal Pass in the Elkannath Mountains, making the city a mandatory stop for trading caravans hoping to commerce with other Gontese settlements.[1]


After the Blue Breath of Change sent Laerakond to Toril, a group of pioneer dragonborn and humans founded the kingdom of Gontal, with Gontal City as their seat of power. As of 1479 DR, agents from both Melabrauth and Skelkor were sent to Gontal City to spy for their dragon overlords.[1]

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