A trio of goodly beings.

Good was the opposite of evil, and was generally associated with honesty, charity, and sincerity.[1]

A phrase might cause some discomfort, but it is good deeds that cause evil the most pain.
— Minsc[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

You've got the stink of goodness on you. Not as bad a stench as a paladin, but I'm willing to bet you're an honorable guy, a good friend, kind to animals, that sort of nonsense.

As with evil, good was subjective and was defined differently by different societies and inhabitants. However, generally, those who were good often worried about their errors and would try to repair damage, if they had caused any. Inhabitants who focused on the pursuit of good, especially helping others, with no particular regard for law or chaos were known as neutral good.[1] Those who strived for the greater good, even if it meant being unorganized or radical, were known as chaotic good.[4] Good inhabitants who swore by law and order, particularly paladins, were known as lawful good.[1][5]

Working for good and maintaining balance are often matters of small degrees. If you wish to shape a bush you must prune it gently, not take a scythe to it.
— A neutral good sentiment from Danilo Thann to the Master Harper, Bran Skorlsun.[6]

Some interpreted good inhabitants as those who practiced altruism, protection of life, and personal sacrifice.[7] Others interpreted good people as those who believed that protecting and helping those in need, or those who are too weak to act for themselves, was the right thing to do.[8]

Notable Goodly Creatures[edit | edit source]

An avatar of Lathander, the goodly god of the dawn and renewal, holds a newborn.

Above all, practice temperance and kindness — and smite evil where you find it.
— A hound archon explaining goodness to his lantern archons.
  • Celestials were being that were almost always good, whether they be lawful good, neutral good, or chaotic good.[10]
  • Many types of elves tended towards being chaotic good, such as moon elves, who were very tolerant of other races.[11][12]

Notable Goodly Deities[edit | edit source]

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