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Good Mead was one of the smaller of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.[1] It sat on the northwestern shore of Redwaters, south of the Eastway trade road.[2][4]

Cut south off the Eastway after the trees thin out, n' keep walking… that'll be Good Mead.


Two roads extended out from Good Mead, one that went southwest to Dougan's Hole and another one northeast to Easthaven.[2]


While Good Mead's economy was originally based on the fishing of knucklehead trout from nearby Redwaters lake, by the mid—14th century DR they received little profit from their catches. As a whole, the town focused on brewing their famous mead,[2][5] that they sold in the merchant town of Bryn Shander.[6]


For many years, Good Mead and Dougan's Hole enjoyed a healthy rivalry with each other.[2]

Notable Locations[]

A map of Good Mead circa 1485 DR.

  • Mead Hall: This large building, in the center of town, was the heart of its brewing-based economy.[2][5]
  • Shrine to Tempus: This worn-down and aged shrine was run by the young battleguard, Brother Sharamod during the mid—14th century, who hoped to expand it to a proper temple.[2][5]




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