Goodberry was a transmutation or alteration/evocation spell that turned a few berries into a magical food that could cure minor wounds and/or provide a healthy creature with the equivalent of a full meal.[2][9][10] The reverse of this spell, badberry, created a poisonous food that had the same effect as inflict minor wounds.[9][10]


The caster passed his or her holy symbol over a handful of freshly picked, edible berries, spoke the incantation, and a few of the berries became a magical food. The caster and anyone else of the religion or profession able to cast this spell could easily determine which berries were magical, everyone else had to use detect magic or trial and error.[2][9][10] The alteration/evocation version of this spell created berries that did one of two things: one berry either healed the equivalent of a cure minor wounds, or, if the consumer was in good health, provided a medium-sized creature with the nourishment of a full meal.[9][10] The berries created by the transmutation version of this spell did both.[2] Eating more than eight goodberries in a 24-hour period provided no additional benefit.[2][9][10]

If cast in reverse, badberry took rotten berries and made them look fresh and tasty, but if ingested they each inflicted minor wounds by poison, disregarding any chance to resist the poison.[9][10]


Verbal and somatic components, as well as the caster's holy symbol or divine focus and a handful of freshly picked edible berries were required to cast this spell.[2][9][10] Badberry required a handful of rotten berries.[9][10] If cast using handful of beetle palm nuts, the fleshy outer husk of each nut could fully satisfy a huge-sized creature or heal wounds without the limit of eight per day. These special goodberries stayed fresh for a year.[11]

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It was reported by Lyra Sunrose that casting badberry on beetle palm nuts always failed and spoiled the nuts. Followers of nature deities frowned upon anyone who did not attempt to plant the black kernel of an enchanted beetle palm nut after consuming the protective rind for its magical benefits.[11]


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