Goolgog Elvenbane was a male orc of the Vast.

Goolgog was a great leader of orcs who commanded armies. Once, in ancient times,[note 1] he won a great victory against elves and humans, and to celebrate he ordered the construction of the Arch of Goolgog, a triumphal monument. The Arch was fashioned from the bones of the defeated humans and elves, and sat on the battlefield, close to where the River Vesper emerged from the Earthspur Mountains. It was marked with runes in ancient Orc, declaring "In this place, Goolgog Elvenbane and his armies crushed the puny humans and elves, eradicating them from his lands." Goolgog marched his whole army under the arch to demonstrate his triumph, before he returned to his "palace".[1]



  1. This could be during the time of the orc nation of Vastar that once dominated the Vast.


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