Goran of Tethyr was a mercenary recruiter in Tethyr.[1]


Goran was the best-known recruiter of Tethyr with a staff of six fighters and thieves to help him. Usually people conscripted by Goran can't abandon his company: those who escaped earned Goran's anger. Goran can create units of infantry, cavalry, and archers. However there a big difference in the efficiency of those groups: the infantry was only a disorganized mass of mostly inexperience people, the cavalry on opposite was a disciplinate group but only thank to their commanding officers, the archers were an enigma, Goran knew nothing about archery, so their efficiency depended from the individual abilities of the recruits.[1]


Goran cared nothing about how ruled Tethyr, but remembered well the groups that not payed him well, like the city of Ithmong.[1]



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