A gorbel was an odd creature believed to be related to the beholder.[1]


A gorbel usually appeared as a red globe of slimy and rubbery material, with six tiny red eyes on short, retractable eyestalks on top of its head.[1][2][3][note 1]

They had a pair of stubby clawed legs. Despite the shortness of their limbs these creatures were quite agile and dexterous. Their mouths were small,[2] yet very rubbery, and could stretch to 18 inches (0.46 meters) in diameter.[1]


Gorbels were known to be very curious, mischievous, and volatile. Other creatures often considered them to be irritable.[2]


The bodies of these were resilient to being harmed by blunt force. However, it was vulnerable to pointed or edged weaponry, such as blades, and liable to burst from them.[2]


Gorbels typically attacked by attempting to latch onto the backs of an opponent with their stubby clawed legs. Gorbels would try to maintain this hold until either they or their victim were dead.[2]



Gorbels were occasionally encountered within the sewers of Waterdeep.[4][5] They were also known to be encountered among the Tears of Selune.[6]



  1. In their brief mention within the book I, Tyrant, gorbels are described as having claws at the end of their eyestalks. This description is not corrobated in any other source and is stated in the later Ecology of the Gorbel to be an erroneous description.



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