The Gorge of Gauros was a rocky canyon in northern Thay, located within the eponymous tharch.[2]


The southern face of the gorge encompassed a stretch of the First Escarpment, a steep precipice that served as the natural border of the Thayan Plateau. The northern face was a small plateau that extended from the southern-facing peaks of the Sunrise Mountains.[1] The River Mulsantir flowed along the floor of the forge, connecting with the River Gauros along its path.[3]

Like the overshadowing Sunrise Mountains, the canyon was rich with valuable minerals, highly sought after by both the Thayan and Rashemi people.[2]


Among their other conflicts, the countries of Thay and Rashemen often battled one another for control of the gorge and its natural resources.[2] One such battle occurred on Mirtul 5, 1375 DR, where the River Gauros crossed the gorge, as the legions of Tharchions Azhir Kren and Homen Odesseiron fought the Hathrans and barbarous warriors of Rashemen.[4]



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