The Gorge of the Silver Wyrm was a canyon in Hartsvale through which the Wyrm River flowed.[2]


The gorge was deep and dark. On one side of the canyon, the walls were sheer granite cliffs, against which the Wyrm River flowed. On the other side was a road full of ruts that led to the mines of Earl Radborne Wynn. Small footpaths led up a steep, rocky slope to the various silver mines from the road. Pine trees used to cover the slope, but were cut down because of the mining.[2]


The gorge was found within the Ice Spires South.[1]


Silver was discovered in the gorge by the Wynn family early in the history of Hartsvale, and this silver supported the country as its primary export.[1]

It was in this canyon, in 1369 DR, that Queen Brianna Burdun and her escorts were ambushed first by fire giants[2] and then by firbolgs.[3]




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