A gorgon is a large magical beast that resembles a bull, covered in dusky metallic scales.

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Gorgons are very aggressive creatures that attack intruders on sight, attempting to trample, gore, or by breathing out a cone of green vapor, turn them into stone. There is no way to calm them as they are impossible to domesticate. They are also unable to swim.[4]

Diet Edit

Gorgons love to eat fish. The Cormanthor gorgons flock to the banks of River Ashaba and Elvenflow each spring when they flood, so that they can collect the fish that have been stranded there. Once the supply has been depleted, a few of the gorgons are tempted to venture into the river to get more. Some of them fall in as a result, but their special ability can save them (see Species, Cormanthor below).[4]


The blood of a gorgon was a magical component used in masonry to prevent magical travel through walls. When one drop of blood was mixed with a pint of water during the mixture of stucco or mortar and applied with no unaffected areas larger than a man's head, it would prevent astral and ethereal travel through walls.[5]

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Cormanthor Edit

The Cormanthor gorgons have a special ability granted by the benevolent Hexad. If they slip into the river, they turn to stone and are saved from drowning because they no longer need oxygen or food. Sometimes these petrified gorgons may be washed onto the shore by a strong current and the sun will warm them, causing them to be restored to their normal form. It is not unknown for fishermen to pull the petrified gorgons out of the river, thinking them to be statues.[4]



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