Gorlist was the son of Nisstyre and leader of a drow band pursuing Liriel Baenre.


Gorlist had short white hair and a dragon tattoo on his left cheek that glowed if a dragon was in the vicinity. The color of the glow indicated the color of the dragon.[1]


In 1361 DR, Gorlist was present when his father, Nisstyre, was killed by Liriel Baenre's assault on the Dragon's Hoard headquarters in Skullport. He sought revenge on her for the death of his father. He hired the deathsinger Brindlor Zidorion and worked with the former Red Wizard Merdrith and the drow priestess Shakti Hunzrin to pursue Liriel, finally catching up with her in Rashemen, where he was defeated by her and her allies.[2]





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